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School- Excuse, Addiction- Reality

When my school started, I had shortly posted on my blog about me being busy throughout so I could give concentration to my studies. It was true.. temporarily. After the first weeks of school, I was finally back in sync with my previous year’s lessons. Since the job was done, I couldn’t wait to use the computer and come back to blogging, I had all the time in the world to do so until I stumbled upon ‘SIMS 3’. Okay, I didn’t stumble on it, just that I had laid my hands on the CD. I did not expect this though, but I found myself allured to the game that I started spending every second on it, blaming the school for being busy with work.

I must say, the game really IS awesome addictive!

Addiction is bad. Bad bad. Especially for someone like me who looks forward to chatting with everyone and getting along with his friends, games are miserable hindrances that waste the precious time. Trust me, if you find yourself addicted to an offline game, get away. Treat it like the Boogeyman you used to listen about as a kid. During the month of Ramadan, I could conjure myself four hours of free time on which I could freely use the computer, and from those four, half an hour went to facebook and the latter, SIMS3. This addiction took away the time I had to socialize with my old pals (as I’d call them), who, after a week I finally remembered about. I tried catching up to them and was given a cold shoulder.

It hurt, for real.

Once again today I was playing the game and I got a text from a friend of mine, asking if I were free, I replied back with a simple ‘nah, doing Mathematics’. It was only after the next minute I realised there was a revolt inside me for lying to him. It was right then that I made up my mind to actually¬† go out and feel the fresh air (of the internet and chat-o-sphere) rather than being locked up like a geek focusing on the computer about how would his barbie doll would fare this week.

Moral of the article: Never ever get addicted to games. It affects your life.

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Bathroom Taps

Today, let me proudly (or rather, with full of shame) mark this date today, as the date when I learned that all bathroom taps have a common mechanism. Always closing to the clockwise, and letting water gush out by turning them anti-clockwise.

Am I supposed to be killed for this?