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Roll The Dice – 14th February ’10

Winter was at its edge as I was watching the flowers bloom in my mom’s garden cum balcony, sipping at green tea while chatting with my friend. She reminded me it was Valentine’s and wanted me to write a poem for her since I hadn’t done so in quite a while.. I agreed, though hurt, I didn’t hold back in penning my exact feelings down ^^

You ask me to write something but what’s the need?
You’ve met who you want and I got what I need.
I got torn and burst and ripped piece by piece,
But I need to fix myself and roll the dice.
I don’t want to see you alone,
So I try to hide my feelings never known,
To you, to him, to anyone I knew.
Not to walk away, but start over anew.
Should I ask again, what’s the need?
When all I did was write for you to read.
I need to fix myself and roll the dice,
To tell you, this really is what I need.

Blue, Blue Skies – 1st November ’09

This is pretty much random for a poem, just literally describing the state of a person, trapped and his wish to be free ^^’

Lost in the darkness of my mind,
The hollow, black feeling, crushing,
Crushing like waves against the rocky shores,
Escaping the confinement, gasping, wanting to be free
Free as the oceans flow, glide through the skies, slicing,
Slicing like birds, floating carelessly, in the blue,
Blue skies.

Till Death Do Us Part – 13th September ’09

I don’t know why, but I stopped writing poems for a while.. And then just as sudden as I stopped, I wrote another one :D

As I took your hand in mine,
I felt your palm, soft and trembling,
How could I have convinced, that everything would be fine,
After I found out, that even I was crying,
And as the time advanced, with it’s reputation, ruthless as ever,
Our fears became nightmares, and the time left was short,
So hear me! As death over us, starts to hover,
That I’ll be with you, till death do us part

Shatter – 1st June ’09

No comments really..

It was until my heart had shattered
That there was nothing that mattered,
It was too fragile, I hadn’t known
That it would break, from losing you,

I was perishing, when you were gone
To seek refuge, I hid under the morning dawns,
I lived in denial, knowing it was my fault
As I felt the time around me, halt

You voice was the only one I heard
That this is not the fate I deserved,
Live for my sake, rather than throwing yourself away
Because life isn’t always beautiful, and gay

Kashmir – 24th April ’09

I was just imagining, closing my eyes, what it would have been amidst Kashmir, a disputed state. The Muslim majority there opts to join Pakistan, however,  Indian troops have had it forcefully occupied and a ceasefire is issued currently. I know I went overboard with the You’s and And’s, still, it made an impression to me and still does whenever I read it. May peace be granted to Kashmir and it’s residents =)

After a bang, you open your eyes
And listen to mothers’ cries,
You get up from your bed
And see people, all dead,
You stay calm, when you should panic
And think, how ironic,
You see tanks make an appearance
Did they come for your assistance?
You reach your hand out to the door
And the ground shakes, throwing you to the floor,
You get up, with your ankle twisted
By the wind, let yourself be drifted,
You walk out, and stand on the wasted land
See a child crying, but not offering a hand,
You see your land in ruin
And see someone beckoning you in,
You enter in, seeing your bed
Next, you are shot in the head,
You fall slowly down, on the ground
Wake up to see candles burning around,
You are surprised to see, you live
No destiny, no aim, no motive,
You nevertheless live life in fear
For what you imagined, was Kashmir

Deserted Sea – 18th April ’09

Okaay. So I don’t really know why I wrote this one. I know some might think it’s stupid. It’s about a desert who proposes to a sea, but the sea has to depart, so they share dialogues between eachother. lol, nevermind, here it is anyways ^^

The sun had set in the barren land
And a cold mighty wind blew atlast,
But the desert stood, majestic and grand
With the sea, that was brimming and vast,

“Yesterday is history, whats gone is gone,
Waves rise and fall magnificently,
When the sun emerges, stats a new dawn
And the darkness crawls away silently,
My wish is that we never part
And remain under the solitary horizon, merrily,
It’s yours forever, my heart”
Uttered the desert romantically,

“Oh! What has thy seen in me
That urged thou to talk about me so gracefully,
Tell, What can I do for thee”
Articulated the sea atlast
“My value is none, let me be,
I’m just a basin, one that is vast,
It’s clearly what you see”

“Don’t have upon yourself, cast
A curse, and live life in pain,
I hath seen, that no one has,
Alive, deceased or slain
In the world’s mass,
So I praise thy glamour,
Let us rest under one sky
And let me ask you a favour”

“I thank thee, to praise me in such beauty
But, I fear I may have to soon leave,
As a sea, travelling, its my duty
Sticks and stones, in my currents, I heave”

The Sea, left, with its waves crushing
And The Desert, was left gloomy,
Slowly, the sea disappeared, past the shores brushing
The Desert thought, how things change chronologically,
Nevertheless, the sun blazed, and stood upright
And winds had stopped and ceased,
The heat scorched the surface with might
But, slowly, the temperature decreased
The land got a blanket of snow,
And as the time passed by,
The land transformed, gracefully but slow
Until it was named, The Antarctica

Peace Of My Mind & Slayer – 9th April ’09

After I started off with my poems, there was the poetry competition (as mentioned in “Thy Grace”). I decided to try for it. The theme was peace, and I submitted the following two poems and another third one. When the results came, from top 10 winners, I took 3 places with each poem =P The first one is ‘Peace Of My Mind’, and the next one being ‘Slayer’

Dawn arrives, flourishing my lawn,
Fluttering her eyes, awakes a swan,
Cup of coffee, a fresh start,
Briefcase ready, off they part,
Talk a walk in the garden,
And ask for thy pardon
A place thats so caress,
Quiet enough for your heart to confess,
Think about it, take a chance,
Spend a peaceful holiday in France,
Try to live in harmony and peace,
Lets not go ahead and burn trees

And now for the second one.

We lived in harmony and gentleness, where men
befriended men and women with women,
Ay! How peaceful was our life
Where for bad, never came in use a knife,
But when they came, and their machinery
You should realize, they killed every,
And not even spare a child,
We still live on ignoring, moving, knowing
That this is all humans doing,
Curse these animals beneath a humans mask,
Do thou slayers have no room for a heart?