Where’s The Ink Pot?

Time for the ink to drop again.

Quote Of Faith- VI

On that day those who reject faith and disobey the Messenger will wish that the earth were made one with them; But never will they hide a single fact from Allah!

The Qur’an [4:42]

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Just A Confession.

It was unbelievable, they knew each other for decades, since Kindergarten; Yet, Anne couldn’t hold back. She pounded the desk with her feeble fists, hoping to die. Why hadn’t she felt it at the beginning? Guilt. Three months ago she joined an online dating website, not that she was unsatisfied. It was all for fun. Of course she thought, it’s just a dating site, what can possibly go wrong? But now, crystals trickled down her hazel eyes as she took off her Silver ring and examined it. It glinted in her eyes as memories of Alan rolled past her, playing every second of their marriage like a film reel. The marriage was theirs, and would still be theirs, but she blew it up.

Wailing, Anne clutched her silken hair. She’d been in an affair with Jeremy, who, shifted into their locality a few months ago and found Anne on the dating site, not knowing her marital status. Anne gulped, as she extended her quaking fingers towards the laptop, typing down an apology letter to Jeremy, making an excuse, for not being able to meet him anymore. Any excuse would do, Anne thought, all she wanted was to get rid of him. She completely knew that this email would ruin his life, but it was all for the good. It was the only way to repent. She wished, no, rather she hoped and prayed things would be the same with her and Alan, and that’s when it struck her; Alan didn’t know anything.

Not being rude, she wanted to tell the truth to a confidant, and who could it be better than Alan? They were in the same school since Kindergarten, they went to the same high school, and coincidentally, the same university. A whole year younger than Alan, Anne believed she was born for Alan, and Alan alone. But she had never done this to him.

It was then, that the doorbell rung. Anne couldn’t stand, too petrified that she clung on to her chair. Alan entered in, hanging his maroon raincoat on the stand, revealing his jacket of a peculiar-est shade of wood brown. Lifting his fedora hat, he shot a glance at Anne, rolling an umbrella by his finger.

“Hey, sugar.”

Knowing him inside out, Anne still couldn’t tell what her husband would say, let alone feel, after knowing his own wife cheated on him. She had to try it, tell the truth. It wouldn’t hurt, just a fight here and a fight there, nothing harsh, right?

No. Anne was a pessimist.

“Honey.. I needa’ talk about something..”

Anne’s voice trailed off. She started shaking, and almost collapsed when Alan reached for her, catching her in his arms, just like the day they got married. Anne was Hypoglycemic, never the one who could handle stress and anxiety, anxious of leaving her family, anxious now, confronting Alan.

“Anne? How many times have I told you not to take st-”

“Let me speak” Anne replied, barely in her senses, putter her finger on Alan’s lips.

“I need to tell you something.. I- I didn’t mean it.” She stammered. “I DID NOT F*CKING MEAN IT!” Grabbing Alan’s collar, screaming so loud causing the half filled glass beside their dressing table to fall down, breaking into a million reflections of the twain, majestically entwined in a vortex of love.

Swallowing back her tears, she continued, “I just did it to pass my time, 3 months ago, I hid it all along..”

“Anne.. What are you talking about?” Still confused, Alan couldn’t figure out anything, and had an innocent twinkle in his eyes.

“I cheated.. Jeremy.. And today.. I- I broke up with him and I don’t know how to tell this to you so.. So-” And Anne burst into tears. Tears that poured down her eyes like rainfall. Tears composing all the resentment, the silent moments, the conflicts, the jealousy and all that can make one berserk, if not sent to a mental asylum.

“You were afraid to tell me everything, and kept it a secret because you cared for our relationship, and now you regret ever cheating on me and having an affair with Jeremy through that online dating site?” Alan smirked, standing right there, clutching his wife, who apparently stared in disbelief back at him.

“Y-you k-knew this all along?” Anne couldn’t come to convince herself.

“Darling, please erase search history next time, it helps.” Retorting, Alan pulled Anne closer for an embrace.

Anne, too embarrassed, shoved her head in his jacket, chanting “You’re such a rapscallion. Christ, I’m sorry.. I’m sorry..”

Tightening his embrace, Alan whispered in her ear, “No sweat, I loved you anyways.”

Feeling each others breath, taking a silent, rather telepathic oath, to be forever like this.

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Quote Of Faith- V

The parable of those who spend their substance in the way of Allah is that of a grain of corn: It grows seven ears, and each ear has a hundred gains, Allah gives manifold increase to whom He pleases; And Allah cares for all things and He knows all things.

The Qur’an [2:261]

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Rake The Leaves, Shoo.

Scram, Leaves, Scram.

Fall approacheth. Cold winds bloweth. No post in a long time..eth? Being a human being and living on Planet Earth, I am well aware of the four seasons. Look at them from the pessimistic view (that’s how I see this world), and see that there’s a decline of everything. If you’re down, pump up yourself with optimism by looking at it this way, after the demise, there’s always a rise. Another rise. There’s no sunset without a sunrise (If no sun rises how’d it set? I got to knock that in your head too?). Now it’s Autumn’s reign. I don’t know where do you live, but where I live, Autumn is here. The leaves pay the penalty of hanging on the tree too long and they’re dished out by the trees in your backyard. Similarly, my blog that runs on perpetual energy or so since I don’t really fill it up with gas at a station, has died.

There’s not been even a minute-est fraction of my life that I’d love to fill this sweet blog with and had completely expected this- death. This expectation was due to the fact that the Sun has to set. There’s another reality here.. The Sun will rise again, too. I guess now’s the time to revive my blog. I’m talking about tweeting at a large scale.



Not that tweet.

After a few months, I came up to the conclusion. Blogging is just like the diaries we all write.

Except that blogging is done on a regular basis.

That blogging has less secrets,

.. And more rants

Also whatever you want to share with the world

.. But not so enthusiastically with friends.

Okay, never mind the diary part.

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Before The Draft Paper Starts To Decay..

There have been many activities in my school this year (emphasis on many), and I wanted to participate in almost all of them, sadly, I couldn’t. Even in a single one. I did try out for the English speech. I thought I was good, I know my speech was good. I did audition for it, and then motions attacked me. Motions, stomach aches plus head aches can really knock a person out of life, and the worse part is that they happen to me simultaneously. I did go for the first two auditions, and sadly on the final one I couldn’t attend school. Sigh. I call it fate. I tried to keep my speech understandable and using easy language, without using any words that might get a person to use a dictionary.

I still have the draft paper though, and sometimes when it’s night I keep reading it, maybe because I’m.. Still depressed about the speech competition ~3 weeks ago? Yeah I guess I’m prone to inferiority complex and depression. Here’s my speech anyways

Respected Elders, and fellow Schoolmates, Assalamu Alaykum! I, Ziad Shafi, am completely in favor of the topic and agree that ‘The World Today Is Driven By Greed And People Only Care For Themselves’. The world today is not the same as it was a decade ago. Now I’m not talking about modernisation and technology, but it’s our attitude and how it’s changing. This change is not positive, rather, one that will lead to the end of humanity. The world we live in today is empowered by greed, and we are slaves of arrogance.

Now in an year like 2010, if someone were to say that they actually cared for others and wanted to make a difference, it’s a straight lie. Greed has shaped humanity in sinister ways. An employee of a firm, for example, would be least bothered about framing his own co-worker just in order to get under the good graces of his boss.

I want you all to close your eyes and imagine.. Let’s go back to 1947. The people there, the people of Pakistan, well they were enthusiastic. They were ready to receive the refugees who, at that time had nothing at all with them; yet were welcomed by warm greetings. How about 1965. Everyone signed up for the military. They really were courageous people. They were ready to lay their lives down for our country’s sake. FOR US.

.. But where is that spirit now? We just want everything we lay our eyes on, and are interested in securing our interests instead of even THINKING about the welfare of others. Why do we turn a blind eye to the people of the flood? The flood victims you see everyday on your televisions, they have nothing with them. Nothing but hope. Hope that we will help them, sadly, half of us didn’t even try to do so.

For the people still oblivious and completely unaffected towards my speech, I have just the perfect proverb for them, that goes..

Greedy Eaters Will Dig Their Graves With Their Teeth.


No Morning, Don’t Go..

It’s a mixed feeling. I hate waking up early, but I look forward to waking up to mornings. The reddish-eyed me with the shabby hair can be changed within a few minutes spent in the washroom, but a morning.. It’s always there, and it’s something one never gets bored of. Not me, at least. Having my Islamiat assessment, I woke up ~20 minutes before my daily routine and hiked staircases towards my favorite spot. The chatt or, the roof.

Yawning, stomach growling, bones aching, dragging myself towards a place where not only I can sit, but where even my hair starts blowing and my soul starts applauding- facing the wind. With a sigh, I sat down and started the last minute revisions when I noticed something I hadn’t.

Why hadn’t I?

Abrupt, I turned around and witnessed one that I can proudly call, the best sunrise. Scared to be too late, to miss it all and let the sun vanquish in the clouds, or even dominate the blues that makes you turn your eyes away, I rushed back home and grabbed my camera.


Last week I was handed the date sheet of my first assessments this term, I shoved it in my table deep enough that I eventually forgot about them. I was chatting with my friend today morning and he brought up the topic of the assessments that are starting tomorrow. Somehow, I got rid of him quick enough, with the voices of my dad scolding me buzzing in my head. Since I was a child, dad always scolded me for getting bad grades until he finally etched it on me that bad grades is.. an omen. Unless it’s Urdu though. I always sucked in Urdu. And I always will. So today I had an archeological experience of digging out the date sheet from inside my table. Seriously, I feel for the archeologists. The date sheet went something like this. Assessments starting from Monday and the paper was once everyday. Islamiat, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, Physics, Add Maths and Urdu. MORE TENSION! How the !@$% should I study for Islamiat, Geography, History AND Biology, consecutively!? There’s just one answer to that~


Okay, study and use internet like normal.

Study and use wee amounts of internet.

I really really prefer the first option though. DAMN IT WHAT’S WITH MY SENSES?! I don’t want to study, and I want to get good grades. So hilarious :/Okay, coming back to the real world

You can kill me, but assessments don’t matter. No I’m not saying that lay back and ‘chill’ , but just don’t panic about them or you’ll blow yer head up. For real. Assessments are just to check whatever you’ve learned till now is of course, correct. There’s no such thing as failing unless you give a blank paper, and trust me you don’t want your parents seeing that very blank paper. What I mean is to study, give a break, don’t pressurize yourself and trust me, it’s as easy as cake! I don’t want to brag though, but I study for them for like just two to three hours. I never, NEVER study the subject more than a day before the paper (though it’s an old habit of studying for the assessments on the night before them, let’s just study for it also in the day. Not more, though). I don’t know about others, but it sure does help me cool off. Don’t get the feeling that you need to cut off using internet and go on cybernal-hibernation.

.. Though I seriously think my tips would only work if you at least have an interest in your studies.

Right now at 3am, I can do anything but study as my eyelids are begging me to roll down, I’ve kept them up too long and don’t even bother rechecking what I wrote above. Well I just.. typed it with an empty head being nailed by the devastating rays of my 19 inch monitor in a room that knew not tungsten nor tubelights, with the only thing keeping me awake is the minute amounts of caffeine in a cup of Green Tea. Hitting the bed as I hear Ace Of Base, I might just dream about Jenny and Linn Berggren tonight. Good Night!

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The Balloonman’s Contribute

Woke up at 6:30am, went straight to shower, rushed to Masjid-Tooba for the Eid Prayers. Coming back at my roof, I started taking shots. The balloonmen were coming all the way from South, hopes that people will buy some and they could make their day, but what they didn’t know is that balloons have became out of.. Trend. Even for children.

The Balloonman

f/4, 1/500th sec, 80iso, 20mm

Oh.. and I even took some picture of myself! Here’s one for now

f/3.5, 1/500th, 80iso, 6mm

The Spirit Of Fitr

On the laptop, typing right now, it’s 1 am as text messages are piling up in my e51 beside me, messages of Chaand Raat Mubarak and Eid Mubaraks. Friends telling me that they’re getting henna applied, out for shopping, complimenting the bangles bought- oh and as for the male part, sitting at home and watching TV.

That’s right, that’s exactly how we celebrate the chaand raat right at home, switching channels, the only thing to worry about is that whether we have a new Shalwaar Kameez to wear tomorrow and what’s the time for the Eid Prayers. Okay, maybe there are exceptions, still!

Ramadan, the month of fasting and abstaining. Abstaining from eating, lying, excessive noise, sexual desires and much more, until dusk. Each reason for the better. This is the month when spiritual training takes place. Training that softens hearts of mankind, making them realize the sufferings of the destitute. This ‘training’ lasts for 29 (or when the moon comes late, 30) days. After this comes THE ritual.

The Moon Sighting in Brunei

Moon Sighting.

After the dusk of 29th Ramadan, people everywhere, regardless of gender, rush up to their roofs and try to find the slender crescent, perched on the nightsky. This very crescent marks the festival. It is only after the sighting of the moon, the night is called the Chaand raat and the day that would follow be the Eid ul Fitr. Thus, this can vary each year, giving the month of Ramadan 29 or 30 days on the Calendar, depending not on calculations, but when Allah wants it to be.

“The originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it: “Be!”- and it is.”

The Quran [2:117]

I didn’t see the moon, everyone else did. It was cloudy. It always is. I’m sad.

There was a storm here in Karachi today, and forecasts say there would be more to come tomorrow. What joy!¬† Though quiet and bleak right now, the city would be brimming with smiles, smudged in colors of bangles on wrists, dupattas hanging on the shoulders and especially when everyone, behind the Imam, goes in prostration with such flow that it’s like knocking a haystack of white domino.

Hugging Fellow Brothers

Ahh Eid. The name itself reminds me of all the sweets and colors, the hugs exchanged by your father you might never ave the children filled with energy, running and chasing eachother. The name itself reminds me of.. EIDI!! That’s right! Eidi. It’s the least of what earning adults can do for children like us. Give us eidi! This might just be like Halloween’s Trick or Treat, except the treat comes to us and we don’t need to run door to door for it. What’s eidi? It’s simple, money. But what’s not simple is that this money is special. It’s not just any money you get when you ask your mother for a simple 10 Rupees when you see an ice cream van going by, nor the 500 Rupees you might ask when going out for a dinner with friends. This is.. Eidi. Eidi is full of feelings. Feelings of kindness, tender-heartedness, assurance, care and.. well, feelings. All of this packed by our elders, given to us, though we’re least bothered except to spend it again.

2am, the scent of Sheer Khurmas and Sevaiyas is in the air! (not literally, but I have to prepare my mind for this) Though I don’t really enjoy eating them, but atleast I do love their scents. Better sleep now or I’ll be missing the prayers!