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Where’s The Ink Pot?

Time for the ink to drop again.


Rake The Leaves, Shoo.

Scram, Leaves, Scram.

Fall approacheth. Cold winds bloweth. No post in a long time..eth? Being a human being and living on Planet Earth, I am well aware of the four seasons. Look at them from the pessimistic view (that’s how I see this world), and see that there’s a decline of everything. If you’re down, pump up yourself with optimism by looking at it this way, after the demise, there’s always a rise. Another rise. There’s no sunset without a sunrise (If no sun rises how’d it set? I got to knock that in your head too?). Now it’s Autumn’s reign. I don’t know where do you live, but where I live, Autumn is here. The leaves pay the penalty of hanging on the tree too long and they’re dished out by the trees in your backyard. Similarly, my blog that runs on perpetual energy or so since I don’t really fill it up with gas at a station, has died.

There’s not been even a minute-est fraction of my life that I’d love to fill this sweet blog with and had completely expected this- death. This expectation was due to the fact that the Sun has to set. There’s another reality here.. The Sun will rise again, too. I guess now’s the time to revive my blog. I’m talking about tweeting at a large scale.



Not that tweet.

After a few months, I came up to the conclusion. Blogging is just like the diaries we all write.

Except that blogging is done on a regular basis.

That blogging has less secrets,

.. And more rants

Also whatever you want to share with the world

.. But not so enthusiastically with friends.

Okay, never mind the diary part.

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Before The Draft Paper Starts To Decay..

There have been many activities in my school this year (emphasis on many), and I wanted to participate in almost all of them, sadly, I couldn’t. Even in a single one. I did try out for the English speech. I thought I was good, I know my speech was good. I did audition for it, and then motions attacked me. Motions, stomach aches plus head aches can really knock a person out of life, and the worse part is that they happen to me simultaneously. I did go for the first two auditions, and sadly on the final one I couldn’t attend school. Sigh. I call it fate. I tried to keep my speech understandable and using easy language, without using any words that might get a person to use a dictionary.

I still have the draft paper though, and sometimes when it’s night I keep reading it, maybe because I’m.. Still depressed about the speech competition ~3 weeks ago? Yeah I guess I’m prone to inferiority complex and depression. Here’s my speech anyways

Respected Elders, and fellow Schoolmates, Assalamu Alaykum! I, Ziad Shafi, am completely in favor of the topic and agree that ‘The World Today Is Driven By Greed And People Only Care For Themselves’. The world today is not the same as it was a decade ago. Now I’m not talking about modernisation and technology, but it’s our attitude and how it’s changing. This change is not positive, rather, one that will lead to the end of humanity. The world we live in today is empowered by greed, and we are slaves of arrogance.

Now in an year like 2010, if someone were to say that they actually cared for others and wanted to make a difference, it’s a straight lie. Greed has shaped humanity in sinister ways. An employee of a firm, for example, would be least bothered about framing his own co-worker just in order to get under the good graces of his boss.

I want you all to close your eyes and imagine.. Let’s go back to 1947. The people there, the people of Pakistan, well they were enthusiastic. They were ready to receive the refugees who, at that time had nothing at all with them; yet were welcomed by warm greetings. How about 1965. Everyone signed up for the military. They really were courageous people. They were ready to lay their lives down for our country’s sake. FOR US.

.. But where is that spirit now? We just want everything we lay our eyes on, and are interested in securing our interests instead of even THINKING about the welfare of others. Why do we turn a blind eye to the people of the flood? The flood victims you see everyday on your televisions, they have nothing with them. Nothing but hope. Hope that we will help them, sadly, half of us didn’t even try to do so.

For the people still oblivious and completely unaffected towards my speech, I have just the perfect proverb for them, that goes..

Greedy Eaters Will Dig Their Graves With Their Teeth.


The Spirit Of Fitr

On the laptop, typing right now, it’s 1 am as text messages are piling up in my e51 beside me, messages of Chaand Raat Mubarak and Eid Mubaraks. Friends telling me that they’re getting henna applied, out for shopping, complimenting the bangles bought- oh and as for the male part, sitting at home and watching TV.

That’s right, that’s exactly how we celebrate the chaand raat right at home, switching channels, the only thing to worry about is that whether we have a new Shalwaar Kameez to wear tomorrow and what’s the time for the Eid Prayers. Okay, maybe there are exceptions, still!

Ramadan, the month of fasting and abstaining. Abstaining from eating, lying, excessive noise, sexual desires and much more, until dusk. Each reason for the better. This is the month when spiritual training takes place. Training that softens hearts of mankind, making them realize the sufferings of the destitute. This ‘training’ lasts for 29 (or when the moon comes late, 30) days. After this comes THE ritual.

The Moon Sighting in Brunei

Moon Sighting.

After the dusk of 29th Ramadan, people everywhere, regardless of gender, rush up to their roofs and try to find the slender crescent, perched on the nightsky. This very crescent marks the festival. It is only after the sighting of the moon, the night is called the Chaand raat and the day that would follow be the Eid ul Fitr. Thus, this can vary each year, giving the month of Ramadan 29 or 30 days on the Calendar, depending not on calculations, but when Allah wants it to be.

“The originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it: “Be!”- and it is.”

The Quran [2:117]

I didn’t see the moon, everyone else did. It was cloudy. It always is. I’m sad.

There was a storm here in Karachi today, and forecasts say there would be more to come tomorrow. What joy!¬† Though quiet and bleak right now, the city would be brimming with smiles, smudged in colors of bangles on wrists, dupattas hanging on the shoulders and especially when everyone, behind the Imam, goes in prostration with such flow that it’s like knocking a haystack of white domino.

Hugging Fellow Brothers

Ahh Eid. The name itself reminds me of all the sweets and colors, the hugs exchanged by your father you might never ave the children filled with energy, running and chasing eachother. The name itself reminds me of.. EIDI!! That’s right! Eidi. It’s the least of what earning adults can do for children like us. Give us eidi! This might just be like Halloween’s Trick or Treat, except the treat comes to us and we don’t need to run door to door for it. What’s eidi? It’s simple, money. But what’s not simple is that this money is special. It’s not just any money you get when you ask your mother for a simple 10 Rupees when you see an ice cream van going by, nor the 500 Rupees you might ask when going out for a dinner with friends. This is.. Eidi. Eidi is full of feelings. Feelings of kindness, tender-heartedness, assurance, care and.. well, feelings. All of this packed by our elders, given to us, though we’re least bothered except to spend it again.

2am, the scent of Sheer Khurmas and Sevaiyas is in the air! (not literally, but I have to prepare my mind for this) Though I don’t really enjoy eating them, but atleast I do love their scents. Better sleep now or I’ll be missing the prayers!


Heya folks! I just wanted to say that these days I might not be coming online much, mostly because of my school, that opened up on the 9th. So.. Just take care of yourselves!

.. Huhuhu I love Chemistry.


The Lone Wanderer

Most of the time, in our daily lives, we tend to link phrases with certain images. For example someone say’s ‘war’ the first thing most of us might get is a battlefield in our mind. Another example, ‘Accident’ might make us think of a car crash. However, I’d like you all to close your eyes for a minute, and see what comes in your mind when you read


Now a few days ago, my friend commented on my article something like “Hone your skills a little bit and you’ll be near Perfection.” Perfection. I was stunned. What is perfection? I closed my eyes and thought about it. What does perfection look like? The first thing that came in my mind was a blank. Yes. The white-ish blank. Empty. Nothing.

I had been slacking off, and I didn’t want to think more, so I clung up to that thought. Nothing at all, is perfection. I discussed it with a friend of mine. When I asked him what came to his mind, I was shocked once again on his answer. “Me being with everyone who I truly love.” I never thought about this. My soul started shaking from the inside, I was so confused about finding the right answer, and this person, this person gave the answer so directly that he seemed as if he had said a flawless answer. Nothing was wrong in that answer. However, there was wrong in me. I thought about it, still I could not imagine myself to be with the ones I love being Everything. When I told him I saw a blank image, he told me to think deeper. It was cumbersome, pressurizing my brain to conjure an image to suit perfection.

I came to step two. It wasn’t just one image. It was a slideshow. Every image similar to the next. I saw an ant on a stem. Drops of dew on a leaf. Feathers of a wing. Even a drop of blood spurting out of a cut fingertip. It was all like my mind was on macro mode. I thought I reached it again, this time, I was on the right track. One more image though, startled me. It was the Galaxy. The whole universe. I found another definition.

Sole, anything is small. Tiny. Worthless. If such small beings co-operate, work as a body, a sole body, they will not remain micro, but be macro. Noticeable. All for one and one for all.

You know, when I was a child (I consider below thirteen as child-hood), sayings and quotes that went about it’s not about what you have, but it’s what you make of it, seemed utterly worthless to me. Rubbish. I thought everything was.. Everything. This time, I found myself wrong. Guilty of the fact that I ignored such deep statements. I understood it. All of it. It was so much that I had to summarise it. To shorten it. I’m not sure if many of you might understand the following sentence, but if you do, I’m glad to tell you that you have reached the true definition too.

Nothing is Everything. However, Everything can never, never be Nothing.

Elaborating on the sentence, here’s a little explained version of it.

It doesn’t matter what you have. If you have nothing and the rest you obtain is worthless, you still have yourself. If you make the best out of that nothing you actually get something! Once you have something it means it’s worth it. It has a worth! Thus, you can make Everything out of Nothing, but once Everything is made from it, what you will have will never EVER be nothing!

This was it. This was EXACTLY the type of definition I wanted. I found what perfection meant. I feel that my lost wanders and my sightless destiny finally has came to an end. For me, this is perfection. Everyone can be perfect, if they want to be perfect, they should give their all!

You Celebrate 9/11 (By Burning Our Sacred Books?)

Firstly before saying anything let me link something..


Let me begin with asking one simple question. What is a religion? Now of-course the most basic thing that will be coming in our minds is that it’s a set of beliefs to help lead people a straight and.. Good life. Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism (to name a few) and even Islam teach the same thing. Lead a good life. Lead a good life. Be kind. God is not unmindful of what you do. Thou shalt not wreak havoc. Thou shalt be kind for God loveth those on the straight path.

I came across this link with utter disappointment. The West still blames the 9/11 on Muslims. Okay, then the Muslims blame the West for Palestine. Blame the West for Iraq. Blame the West for Afghanistan. Now does that make us equals?

Of-course not.

The Christians now are (and always were) against the Muslims [edit: I wrote this statement keeping the Draw Muhammad Day and all the recent anti-Muslim events coming up. If you’re not with them, I didn’t mean to offend you!]. But I can’t believe they are going to get to such extents to BURN OUR SACRED BOOK. I thought even Christianity says about not disregarding other religions and living in harmony. Am I wrong? If not, then surely this Church is not Christian at all. Pastor Terry Jones says “We believe that Islam is of the devil-“. Oh how so undevlish of you to accuse a religion of being wrong and deviated and then burning their Sacred Books without daring to read what’s inside them and throwing away the opinions of a One and a half Billion plus Muslim opinions.

I repeat. Islam is NOT the religion of the Devil. If he blames 9/11 on Muslims, let it be known that this was classified as a terrorist act. Why does he not look back in his country. Robbing banks, Rape, Murder is that all so non-terrorist? Then supporting Israel on what it’s doing to Palestine, that’s very holy and angelic yes? The fact that America entered Iraq was so divinely and unarguably right. Of-course why not. Terrorism exists in people, not in religion. Even in my Islamic country of Pakistan, terrorism is condemned.

Another quote from Terry J. “I mean ask yourself, have you ever really seen a really happy Muslim? As they’re on the way to Mecca? As they gather together in the mosque on the floor? Does it look like a real religion of joy?”. Well well well, mr.Jones let me answer you on this one. I guess you really have no idea about what Islam teaches Muslims afterall. When WE go to Mosques, when WE go to Makkah and Madinah, when WE pray at home, it’s not always that we should be giggling. Muslims FEAR their Lord. It’s not a fear of what you get when locked in a room. Not a fear of never again touching a candle because it burned you, it’s a fear of not being able to make it to Heaven. Fear of committing sins and not being pardoned. FEAR OF OUR STATUS IN SOCIETY, THANKS TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!

If you define joy as getting drunk around the streets and slacking off in casino’s and strip clubs, I’m sorry to say that is one wretched definition of joy. Just one more thing though. Atleast we Devils do not burn your Bible.