The Pen Behind..

When you read a story book, when you read a news paper, when ever you read ANYTHING, there is always a pen behind it. No matter if you read it on the cybernet as data, or a novel published by printing press, there is always have to be a pen to make a draft. Don’t get me wrong, the pen is a very powerful tool. It can ruin a life, it can make one successful. A pen is behind the ideas of billions.

Just how much useless a pen is without ink, is how much a man is without his brain. – Me [1996-Still Living.]

Okay, seriously, I didn’t read that above from the internet. I just.. typed it =P

The one behind the pen is a teenager, trying to get through O’ Levels and expecting Nirvana. Dragging myself up from the bed after six hours on daily bases, making my way out in the school, trying my best to read, learn, write and experience life. Apparently, I have a thing for English, and Chemistry. This very blog here is just a way to post my feelings out on the internet for millions of unknowns to read, or in other words, I bottle my feelings out :D I would love comments that correct me where I’m wrong, but honestly, even RIGHT now, listening to OneRepublic and Maroon 5, I think nothing about my audience. It can be children, brilliant prodigies, toddlers, teenagers and even fellas close to expiry, making my number one priority to post articles that use language that is not vulgar, nor overly-abusive, unless I’m in a bad mood ^^

Oh well, who doesn’t have mood swings these days?

  1. From your writing, You sound older but oh well, nice taste in music. :P

  2. Everyone says that.. Thanks for the compliment though. Oh and believe me, that doesn’t tell my taste in music. I listen to Classic, which counts LZ Beatles etc :P

  3. No Problem. =)
    LOL, Ecclectic stuff! Lead Zeppelin is actually good. The Beatles, I however never bothered to listen to. =P I dunno why.

  4. People don’t bother, I pity them ^^’

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