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No Morning, Don’t Go..

It’s a mixed feeling. I hate waking up early, but I look forward to waking up to mornings. The reddish-eyed me with the shabby hair can be changed within a few minutes spent in the washroom, but a morning.. It’s always there, and it’s something one never gets bored of. Not me, at least. Having my Islamiat assessment, I woke up ~20 minutes before my daily routine and hiked staircases towards my favorite spot. The chatt or, the roof.

Yawning, stomach growling, bones aching, dragging myself towards a place where not only I can sit, but where even my hair starts blowing and my soul starts applauding- facing the wind. With a sigh, I sat down and started the last minute revisions when I noticed something I hadn’t.

Why hadn’t I?

Abrupt, I turned around and witnessed one that I can proudly call, the best sunrise. Scared to be too late, to miss it all and let the sun vanquish in the clouds, or even dominate the blues that makes you turn your eyes away, I rushed back home and grabbed my camera.

The Balloonman’s Contribute

Woke up at 6:30am, went straight to shower, rushed to Masjid-Tooba for the Eid Prayers. Coming back at my roof, I started taking shots. The balloonmen were coming all the way from South, hopes that people will buy some and they could make their day, but what they didn’t know is that balloons have became out of.. Trend. Even for children.

The Balloonman

f/4, 1/500th sec, 80iso, 20mm

Oh.. and I even took some picture of myself! Here’s one for now

f/3.5, 1/500th, 80iso, 6mm