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Rules Are NOT Meant To Be Broken (Chh’yeah Right)

A perfect day at school. All’s going well until after break, some kids decided to throw water on each other, wetting their sorry pants -.-” Then as usual teacher comes, friends stand up for eachother and then comes the threat. No P.E. Awesome, no ^^? Damn those faggots :/ So all the boys were asked to stay in class for P.E. and Afterschool. Our English teacher made us write an essay (Rules aren’t meant to be broken). Many boys grunted, but I was one of those few who enjoyed writing it :P I wrote it in a depressive style, with my English teach commenting “Very Mature” and “I Loved Your Composition” again. (YES!! w00t for braggers xD!!) Take note that I DO NOT mean anything written here =P

Everything has rules. From games to academics. It’s a misconception of students that even though how much they study, they should have fun. It’s not that way. No matter how much of studying is done, there are certain rules to prevent a student from unleashing, and keeping him humane.

Not that students should NOT have fun, but, they can, in some certain LIMITS. If there were no rules, people can go insane, thinking that there is no authority to pass on decisions and monitor them. Like being free from the burden of being under someone. Everyone needs some kind of guidelines made by elders, who are MUCH wiser. Following rules is a common practice, as instructions always lead people to the right place. Right where they belong.

Break a rule, you suffer. A very simple rule of school. There’s no reason to be heroic like in the T.V. Shows, standing up and defending others. It’s like making the worse come knocking in at your door. If you do not tell who is responsible for something, you will make everyone who is not involved, seem like they are involved. So, one has to make a choice of either taking his friend’s name, or just staying shut, only to make no only his friends, but even the innocent are mercilessly dragged in it. When people have fun, and cross their limits, they know their ‘crimes’ would be brought in light. So, it is better to confess, and that way no one gets harmed. Now that is truly heroic.

In school, bravery, courage, heroism, words like this have no meaning. All of this is false, television world. Lies for kids. Life is all about rules meant to be followed. Disobey and you suffer.