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Before The Draft Paper Starts To Decay..

There have been many activities in my school this year (emphasis on many), and I wanted to participate in almost all of them, sadly, I couldn’t. Even in a single one. I did try out for the English speech. I thought I was good, I know my speech was good. I did audition for it, and then motions attacked me. Motions, stomach aches plus head aches can really knock a person out of life, and the worse part is that they happen to me simultaneously. I did go for the first two auditions, and sadly on the final one I couldn’t attend school. Sigh. I call it fate. I tried to keep my speech understandable and using easy language, without using any words that might get a person to use a dictionary.

I still have the draft paper though, and sometimes when it’s night I keep reading it, maybe because I’m.. Still depressed about the speech competition ~3 weeks ago? Yeah I guess I’m prone to inferiority complex and depression. Here’s my speech anyways

Respected Elders, and fellow Schoolmates, Assalamu Alaykum! I, Ziad Shafi, am completely in favor of the topic and agree that ‘The World Today Is Driven By Greed And People Only Care For Themselves’. The world today is not the same as it was a decade ago. Now I’m not talking about modernisation and technology, but it’s our attitude and how it’s changing. This change is not positive, rather, one that will lead to the end of humanity. The world we live in today is empowered by greed, and we are slaves of arrogance.

Now in an year like 2010, if someone were to say that they actually cared for others and wanted to make a difference, it’s a straight lie. Greed has shaped humanity in sinister ways. An employee of a firm, for example, would be least bothered about framing his own co-worker just in order to get under the good graces of his boss.

I want you all to close your eyes and imagine.. Let’s go back to 1947. The people there, the people of Pakistan, well they were enthusiastic. They were ready to receive the refugees who, at that time had nothing at all with them; yet were welcomed by warm greetings. How about 1965. Everyone signed up for the military. They really were courageous people. They were ready to lay their lives down for our country’s sake. FOR US.

.. But where is that spirit now? We just want everything we lay our eyes on, and are interested in securing our interests instead of even THINKING about the welfare of others. Why do we turn a blind eye to the people of the flood? The flood victims you see everyday on your televisions, they have nothing with them. Nothing but hope. Hope that we will help them, sadly, half of us didn’t even try to do so.

For the people still oblivious and completely unaffected towards my speech, I have just the perfect proverb for them, that goes..

Greedy Eaters Will Dig Their Graves With Their Teeth.


Kashmir – 24th April ’09

I was just imagining, closing my eyes, what it would have been amidst Kashmir, a disputed state. The Muslim majority there opts to join Pakistan, however,  Indian troops have had it forcefully occupied and a ceasefire is issued currently. I know I went overboard with the You’s and And’s, still, it made an impression to me and still does whenever I read it. May peace be granted to Kashmir and it’s residents =)

After a bang, you open your eyes
And listen to mothers’ cries,
You get up from your bed
And see people, all dead,
You stay calm, when you should panic
And think, how ironic,
You see tanks make an appearance
Did they come for your assistance?
You reach your hand out to the door
And the ground shakes, throwing you to the floor,
You get up, with your ankle twisted
By the wind, let yourself be drifted,
You walk out, and stand on the wasted land
See a child crying, but not offering a hand,
You see your land in ruin
And see someone beckoning you in,
You enter in, seeing your bed
Next, you are shot in the head,
You fall slowly down, on the ground
Wake up to see candles burning around,
You are surprised to see, you live
No destiny, no aim, no motive,
You nevertheless live life in fear
For what you imagined, was Kashmir