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Rake The Leaves, Shoo.

Scram, Leaves, Scram.

Fall approacheth. Cold winds bloweth. No post in a long time..eth? Being a human being and living on Planet Earth, I am well aware of the four seasons. Look at them from the pessimistic view (that’s how I see this world), and see that there’s a decline of everything. If you’re down, pump up yourself with optimism by looking at it this way, after the demise, there’s always a rise. Another rise. There’s no sunset without a sunrise (If no sun rises how’d it set? I got to knock that in your head too?). Now it’s Autumn’s reign. I don’t know where do you live, but where I live, Autumn is here. The leaves pay the penalty of hanging on the tree too long and they’re dished out by the trees in your backyard. Similarly, my blog that runs on perpetual energy or so since I don’t really fill it up with gas at a station, has died.

There’s not been even a minute-est fraction of my life that I’d love to fill this sweet blog with and had completely expected this- death. This expectation was due to the fact that the Sun has to set. There’s another reality here.. The Sun will rise again, too. I guess now’s the time to revive my blog. I’m talking about tweeting at a large scale.



Not that tweet.

After a few months, I came up to the conclusion. Blogging is just like the diaries we all write.

Except that blogging is done on a regular basis.

That blogging has less secrets,

.. And more rants

Also whatever you want to share with the world

.. But not so enthusiastically with friends.

Okay, never mind the diary part.

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No Morning, Don’t Go..

It’s a mixed feeling. I hate waking up early, but I look forward to waking up to mornings. The reddish-eyed me with the shabby hair can be changed within a few minutes spent in the washroom, but a morning.. It’s always there, and it’s something one never gets bored of. Not me, at least. Having my Islamiat assessment, I woke up ~20 minutes before my daily routine and hiked staircases towards my favorite spot. The chatt or, the roof.

Yawning, stomach growling, bones aching, dragging myself towards a place where not only I can sit, but where even my hair starts blowing and my soul starts applauding- facing the wind. With a sigh, I sat down and started the last minute revisions when I noticed something I hadn’t.

Why hadn’t I?

Abrupt, I turned around and witnessed one that I can proudly call, the best sunrise. Scared to be too late, to miss it all and let the sun vanquish in the clouds, or even dominate the blues that makes you turn your eyes away, I rushed back home and grabbed my camera.


The Lone Wanderer

Most of the time, in our daily lives, we tend to link phrases with certain images. For example someone say’s ‘war’ the first thing most of us might get is a battlefield in our mind. Another example, ‘Accident’ might make us think of a car crash. However, I’d like you all to close your eyes for a minute, and see what comes in your mind when you read


Now a few days ago, my friend commented on my article something like “Hone your skills a little bit and you’ll be near Perfection.” Perfection. I was stunned. What is perfection? I closed my eyes and thought about it. What does perfection look like? The first thing that came in my mind was a blank. Yes. The white-ish blank. Empty. Nothing.

I had been slacking off, and I didn’t want to think more, so I clung up to that thought. Nothing at all, is perfection. I discussed it with a friend of mine. When I asked him what came to his mind, I was shocked once again on his answer. “Me being with everyone who I truly love.” I never thought about this. My soul started shaking from the inside, I was so confused about finding the right answer, and this person, this person gave the answer so directly that he seemed as if he had said a flawless answer. Nothing was wrong in that answer. However, there was wrong in me. I thought about it, still I could not imagine myself to be with the ones I love being Everything. When I told him I saw a blank image, he told me to think deeper. It was cumbersome, pressurizing my brain to conjure an image to suit perfection.

I came to step two. It wasn’t just one image. It was a slideshow. Every image similar to the next. I saw an ant on a stem. Drops of dew on a leaf. Feathers of a wing. Even a drop of blood spurting out of a cut fingertip. It was all like my mind was on macro mode. I thought I reached it again, this time, I was on the right track. One more image though, startled me. It was the Galaxy. The whole universe. I found another definition.

Sole, anything is small. Tiny. Worthless. If such small beings co-operate, work as a body, a sole body, they will not remain micro, but be macro. Noticeable. All for one and one for all.

You know, when I was a child (I consider below thirteen as child-hood), sayings and quotes that went about it’s not about what you have, but it’s what you make of it, seemed utterly worthless to me. Rubbish. I thought everything was.. Everything. This time, I found myself wrong. Guilty of the fact that I ignored such deep statements. I understood it. All of it. It was so much that I had to summarise it. To shorten it. I’m not sure if many of you might understand the following sentence, but if you do, I’m glad to tell you that you have reached the true definition too.

Nothing is Everything. However, Everything can never, never be Nothing.

Elaborating on the sentence, here’s a little explained version of it.

It doesn’t matter what you have. If you have nothing and the rest you obtain is worthless, you still have yourself. If you make the best out of that nothing you actually get something! Once you have something it means it’s worth it. It has a worth! Thus, you can make Everything out of Nothing, but once Everything is made from it, what you will have will never EVER be nothing!

This was it. This was EXACTLY the type of definition I wanted. I found what perfection meant. I feel that my lost wanders and my sightless destiny finally has came to an end. For me, this is perfection. Everyone can be perfect, if they want to be perfect, they should give their all!

Even WWF Pakistan Failed.

Living in Pakistan, we know how usually minor organizations fail to impress us, mostly due to their lack of  advancement and modernization’; but this time, I was surprised to see even the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) failed to meet my expectations.

So, as students, we were doing our jobs i.e, sitting in the class, passing paper planes, breaking bathroom door knobs and beating the $%!@ out of the other classmates (yeah, too much info, right?), when our principal entered the class. She smiled at us for behaving ‘well’ (Hahahaha, yeah, we have a thing for sitting quietly and cleaning the class within 5 seconds of seeing the principal outside :D). Then, she announced that WWF will be coming over to our school after the exams and we can choose to enter in the internship programme for a fees of 500 PKR. I guess, half of us had no idea about what was to happen, three quarters who entered just for fun, and the whole of class who didn’t know what ‘internship’ meant. :P

I signed up for it since my friends did it too, and I thought I could pass my time in the summers by participating in the oh so international organization’s activities, but who knew it was never as anyone expected. We were given six dates, on which we had to come from 2:00 – 5:00 pm PST. The first one was on the 16th of June, and damn I sure was happy =/ I kept reminding my parents and begging them that I had to go there, until they finally agreed and the next day I was securely dropped at my school. I looked at my watch, I was ten minutes late and rushed in with my cellphone in the pocket, trying to leap out of it. By a few teachers, I was shown my way into the Library (that had nothing but ladybug’s books. Oh, and penguin!).

This is where my first disappointment started.

I walked inside the dark gloomy room as the lights were fluctuating and took my place in front of my friend. There were three females there, who introduced themselves and apparently, I forgot their names (or maybe didn’t bother to remember them, same thing anyhow!). From what I observed, two of them were just there because they had nothing better to do at home, and really, they didn’t have a drop of confidence. Started asking the students their names and favorite animals.. Here’s what I recall what a few students said.

My name is Mahrukh and I love cats!

Hello.. Um.. My name is.. Um.. Mahwish and er.. I.. like kittens

My name is Shehrzad and I have a thing for cats and kittens :D (yeah, we all know that sounds wrong. No, really, it does)

My name is Misbah and I love cats (again and again *yawn*)

Then, it was my turn, what I said didn’t mean I hate cats or rabbits or dogs and anyone that you find sooo cute (oh wait, maybe with this emotion) soo cuuute =3. Rather, it’s really what I prefer over those :D

“My name is Ziad Shafi, and I find Bears and Birds interesting” w00t!!! HI FI MATE, BEARS ARE SO AWESOME xD

Okay, since I changed the theme from cats to other animals that existed on the Earth, my friend behind me stood up “My name is Omer Khan and I like Snakes.” Yeah, hisss at you, &^*!$&^%!, I know you love cats!

We were given 20 short questions to answer in a short time, and I think I did half of it on fluke. Then, one of them, the one that WAS actually confident, started to ask a few questions, and was impressed by my ‘vast’ knowledge (Thank you, Wikipedia!). Oh, and knowledge such as who is the national animal and all that  :/ This took a whole hour and a half, and it was getting hot each minute. They gave us a break and biscuits with cumin in them. I passed mine back to my friend to devoured the second one aswell. I started texting my friend about how this much sucked, and by the time he asked why, the break was over so couldn’t reply back ^^ We were then shown the documentary about the Indus Blind Doplhins, their past, present and future, their status and threats, and finally how to save them. The only part I enjoyed watching was the past, since the speakers stopped working halfway the documentary.

*cough* Let me begin now :D The super continent Pangaea broke up into the continents, and the Subcontinent (present day India and Pakistan) joined Asia, a little part of the ocean was blocked and formed a lake. The ancient Pakicetus, four legged amphibian found out he could survive better in water, started adapting to the lake and evolved into a dolphin. However, this lake dried up and the river Indus and Ganges were formed, freshwater, but muddy. The dolphins’ eyes became useless and were reduced to only slits, thus losing their vision. They developed a Sonar Ray system, releasing sonic waves from their jaws to detect obstacles and prey, and thus started hunting by this advanced method.

Anyways, after this they divided the rest into groups and assigned me one aswell. I guess I was the undisputed Group Leader and presenter of this :P I made the girl write on the chart paper while feeding her with info about the dolphins, while the other two remained inactive. I guess there was nothing much left really, I came and took the mic and did the presentation, sat back and watched others do it. I really think mine was the best anyhow :D I still was disappointed by this and think WWF should make a better effort to make sure people actually recruit in their organization, and things don’t happen in their favour especially with a room that has no lights and speakers that don’t work, oh and maybe two who have no confidence and just sat there texting their friends the whole time!