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Rake The Leaves, Shoo.

Scram, Leaves, Scram.

Fall approacheth. Cold winds bloweth. No post in a long time..eth? Being a human being and living on Planet Earth, I am well aware of the four seasons. Look at them from the pessimistic view (that’s how I see this world), and see that there’s a decline of everything. If you’re down, pump up yourself with optimism by looking at it this way, after the demise, there’s always a rise. Another rise. There’s no sunset without a sunrise (If no sun rises how’d it set? I got to knock that in your head too?). Now it’s Autumn’s reign. I don’t know where do you live, but where I live, Autumn is here. The leaves pay the penalty of hanging on the tree too long and they’re dished out by the trees in your backyard. Similarly, my blog that runs on perpetual energy or so since I don’t really fill it up with gas at a station, has died.

There’s not been even a minute-est fraction of my life that I’d love to fill this sweet blog with and had completely expected this- death. This expectation was due to the fact that the Sun has to set. There’s another reality here.. The Sun will rise again, too. I guess now’s the time to revive my blog. I’m talking about tweeting at a large scale.



Not that tweet.

After a few months, I came up to the conclusion. Blogging is just like the diaries we all write.

Except that blogging is done on a regular basis.

That blogging has less secrets,

.. And more rants

Also whatever you want to share with the world

.. But not so enthusiastically with friends.

Okay, never mind the diary part.

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