Last week I was handed the date sheet of my first assessments this term, I shoved it in my table deep enough that I eventually forgot about them. I was chatting with my friend today morning and he brought up the topic of the assessments that are starting tomorrow. Somehow, I got rid of him quick enough, with the voices of my dad scolding me buzzing in my head. Since I was a child, dad always scolded me for getting bad grades until he finally etched it on me that bad grades is.. an omen. Unless it’s Urdu though. I always sucked in Urdu. And I always will. So today I had an archeological experience of digging out the date sheet from inside my table. Seriously, I feel for the archeologists. The date sheet went something like this. Assessments starting from Monday and the paper was once everyday. Islamiat, Geography, History, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English, Physics, Add Maths and Urdu. MORE TENSION! How the !@$% should I study for Islamiat, Geography, History AND Biology, consecutively!? There’s just one answer to that~


Okay, study and use internet like normal.

Study and use wee amounts of internet.

I really really prefer the first option though. DAMN IT WHAT’S WITH MY SENSES?! I don’t want to study, and I want to get good grades. So hilarious :/Okay, coming back to the real world

You can kill me, but assessments don’t matter. No I’m not saying that lay back and ‘chill’ , but just don’t panic about them or you’ll blow yer head up. For real. Assessments are just to check whatever you’ve learned till now is of course, correct. There’s no such thing as failing unless you give a blank paper, and trust me you don’t want your parents seeing that very blank paper. What I mean is to study, give a break, don’t pressurize yourself and trust me, it’s as easy as cake! I don’t want to brag though, but I study for them for like just two to three hours. I never, NEVER study the subject more than a day before the paper (though it’s an old habit of studying for the assessments on the night before them, let’s just study for it also in the day. Not more, though). I don’t know about others, but it sure does help me cool off. Don’t get the feeling that you need to cut off using internet and go on cybernal-hibernation.

.. Though I seriously think my tips would only work if you at least have an interest in your studies.

Right now at 3am, I can do anything but study as my eyelids are begging me to roll down, I’ve kept them up too long and don’t even bother rechecking what I wrote above. Well I just.. typed it with an empty head being nailed by the devastating rays of my 19 inch monitor in a room that knew not tungsten nor tubelights, with the only thing keeping me awake is the minute amounts of caffeine in a cup of Green Tea. Hitting the bed as I hear Ace Of Base, I might just dream about Jenny and Linn Berggren tonight. Good Night!

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The Balloonman’s Contribute

Woke up at 6:30am, went straight to shower, rushed to Masjid-Tooba for the Eid Prayers. Coming back at my roof, I started taking shots. The balloonmen were coming all the way from South, hopes that people will buy some and they could make their day, but what they didn’t know is that balloons have became out of.. Trend. Even for children.

The Balloonman

f/4, 1/500th sec, 80iso, 20mm

Oh.. and I even took some picture of myself! Here’s one for now

f/3.5, 1/500th, 80iso, 6mm

The Spirit Of Fitr

On the laptop, typing right now, it’s 1 am as text messages are piling up in my e51 beside me, messages of Chaand Raat Mubarak and Eid Mubaraks. Friends telling me that they’re getting henna applied, out for shopping, complimenting the bangles bought- oh and as for the male part, sitting at home and watching TV.

That’s right, that’s exactly how we celebrate the chaand raat right at home, switching channels, the only thing to worry about is that whether we have a new Shalwaar Kameez to wear tomorrow and what’s the time for the Eid Prayers. Okay, maybe there are exceptions, still!

Ramadan, the month of fasting and abstaining. Abstaining from eating, lying, excessive noise, sexual desires and much more, until dusk. Each reason for the better. This is the month when spiritual training takes place. Training that softens hearts of mankind, making them realize the sufferings of the destitute. This ‘training’ lasts for 29 (or when the moon comes late, 30) days. After this comes THE ritual.

The Moon Sighting in Brunei

Moon Sighting.

After the dusk of 29th Ramadan, people everywhere, regardless of gender, rush up to their roofs and try to find the slender crescent, perched on the nightsky. This very crescent marks the festival. It is only after the sighting of the moon, the night is called the Chaand raat and the day that would follow be the Eid ul Fitr. Thus, this can vary each year, giving the month of Ramadan 29 or 30 days on the Calendar, depending not on calculations, but when Allah wants it to be.

“The originator of the heavens and the earth. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it: “Be!”- and it is.”

The Quran [2:117]

I didn’t see the moon, everyone else did. It was cloudy. It always is. I’m sad.

There was a storm here in Karachi today, and forecasts say there would be more to come tomorrow. What joy!  Though quiet and bleak right now, the city would be brimming with smiles, smudged in colors of bangles on wrists, dupattas hanging on the shoulders and especially when everyone, behind the Imam, goes in prostration with such flow that it’s like knocking a haystack of white domino.

Hugging Fellow Brothers

Ahh Eid. The name itself reminds me of all the sweets and colors, the hugs exchanged by your father you might never ave the children filled with energy, running and chasing eachother. The name itself reminds me of.. EIDI!! That’s right! Eidi. It’s the least of what earning adults can do for children like us. Give us eidi! This might just be like Halloween’s Trick or Treat, except the treat comes to us and we don’t need to run door to door for it. What’s eidi? It’s simple, money. But what’s not simple is that this money is special. It’s not just any money you get when you ask your mother for a simple 10 Rupees when you see an ice cream van going by, nor the 500 Rupees you might ask when going out for a dinner with friends. This is.. Eidi. Eidi is full of feelings. Feelings of kindness, tender-heartedness, assurance, care and.. well, feelings. All of this packed by our elders, given to us, though we’re least bothered except to spend it again.

2am, the scent of Sheer Khurmas and Sevaiyas is in the air! (not literally, but I have to prepare my mind for this) Though I don’t really enjoy eating them, but atleast I do love their scents. Better sleep now or I’ll be missing the prayers!

Roll The Dice – 14th February ’10

Winter was at its edge as I was watching the flowers bloom in my mom’s garden cum balcony, sipping at green tea while chatting with my friend. She reminded me it was Valentine’s and wanted me to write a poem for her since I hadn’t done so in quite a while.. I agreed, though hurt, I didn’t hold back in penning my exact feelings down ^^

You ask me to write something but what’s the need?
You’ve met who you want and I got what I need.
I got torn and burst and ripped piece by piece,
But I need to fix myself and roll the dice.
I don’t want to see you alone,
So I try to hide my feelings never known,
To you, to him, to anyone I knew.
Not to walk away, but start over anew.
Should I ask again, what’s the need?
When all I did was write for you to read.
I need to fix myself and roll the dice,
To tell you, this really is what I need.

The Latter Quote- III

“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”

Sir Winston Churchill [1874-1965]

School- Excuse, Addiction- Reality

When my school started, I had shortly posted on my blog about me being busy throughout so I could give concentration to my studies. It was true.. temporarily. After the first weeks of school, I was finally back in sync with my previous year’s lessons. Since the job was done, I couldn’t wait to use the computer and come back to blogging, I had all the time in the world to do so until I stumbled upon ‘SIMS 3’. Okay, I didn’t stumble on it, just that I had laid my hands on the CD. I did not expect this though, but I found myself allured to the game that I started spending every second on it, blaming the school for being busy with work.

I must say, the game really IS awesome addictive!

Addiction is bad. Bad bad. Especially for someone like me who looks forward to chatting with everyone and getting along with his friends, games are miserable hindrances that waste the precious time. Trust me, if you find yourself addicted to an offline game, get away. Treat it like the Boogeyman you used to listen about as a kid. During the month of Ramadan, I could conjure myself four hours of free time on which I could freely use the computer, and from those four, half an hour went to facebook and the latter, SIMS3. This addiction took away the time I had to socialize with my old pals (as I’d call them), who, after a week I finally remembered about. I tried catching up to them and was given a cold shoulder.

It hurt, for real.

Once again today I was playing the game and I got a text from a friend of mine, asking if I were free, I replied back with a simple ‘nah, doing Mathematics’. It was only after the next minute I realised there was a revolt inside me for lying to him. It was right then that I made up my mind to actually  go out and feel the fresh air (of the internet and chat-o-sphere) rather than being locked up like a geek focusing on the computer about how would his barbie doll would fare this week.

Moral of the article: Never ever get addicted to games. It affects your life.

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Blue, Blue Skies – 1st November ’09

This is pretty much random for a poem, just literally describing the state of a person, trapped and his wish to be free ^^’

Lost in the darkness of my mind,
The hollow, black feeling, crushing,
Crushing like waves against the rocky shores,
Escaping the confinement, gasping, wanting to be free
Free as the oceans flow, glide through the skies, slicing,
Slicing like birds, floating carelessly, in the blue,
Blue skies.