Roll The Dice – 14th February ’10

Winter was at its edge as I was watching the flowers bloom in my mom’s garden cum balcony, sipping at green tea while chatting with my friend. She reminded me it was Valentine’s and wanted me to write a poem for her since I hadn’t done so in quite a while.. I agreed, though hurt, I didn’t hold back in penning my exact feelings down ^^

You ask me to write something but what’s the need?
You’ve met who you want and I got what I need.
I got torn and burst and ripped piece by piece,
But I need to fix myself and roll the dice.
I don’t want to see you alone,
So I try to hide my feelings never known,
To you, to him, to anyone I knew.
Not to walk away, but start over anew.
Should I ask again, what’s the need?
When all I did was write for you to read.
I need to fix myself and roll the dice,
To tell you, this really is what I need.

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