Hello Monsoon, You Ruined My Day.

Okay, this might not be COMPLETELY naked, still.

Okay, this might not be COMPLETELY naked, still.

Most of the time here in Pakistan, actually, about ninety-nine percent of the time, people’s miserable conditions and all their gloomy feelings are refreshed. No, rather, eradicated when it rains. Not about the fact that it hardly rains here, but due to the connection half of the citizens had with their ancestors, which were into farming. The rain cleanses our minds from all the hard feelings we have been bottling up, creating a pleasant atmosphere where sometimes even little children can be seen playing in the water with nothing on!

It was the fourth of July when the first spells of rain fell in Karachi, Pakistan. Yes, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY YOU AMERICANS (not that I mean it though)!! The first thing that happened, as it usually does, is the electricity went out. If anyone here doesn’t know what that means, just ask. The second thing, which does NOT usually happen, is that my generator crashed. Awesome! No Wi-Fi, lights and even simple fans to work out in the hot season. I guess the only thing left on my mind was to go to my roof and snap a few photos and.. Upload them all on FACEBOOK with the description WOOHOO FIRST RAIN OF MONSOON 2010!! Yeah, we’re all facebook addicts :D

I took out my Sony DSC-H20 (did I need to mention this?) Camera, and went on to my roof, turned it on and guess what? The battery was low. A few shots and then the battery died. I tried to find my cellphone, until I remembered my dad would be using it for awhile :D What else? I just sat on a bench sucking my thumb soon rolling on the floor sweating and crying (too much exaggerated info).

Here’s what really happened:

I played football, broke my ankle.

I took out my SIM, and remembered I didn’t have a mobile.

There was no electricity for SEVEN HOURS.

My wet clothes got me a rash on my.. Butt.

I had a candle light dinner (good?)

I sat on the toilet seat, and- nevermind. XD

After waiting 7 hours on my roof with mosquitoes biting and sucking out my blood, MY BLOOD, The electricity finally came. Funny how it rained just 2 hours. I raced down with joy just to use the computer and how wrong could I be. The internet was down. I finally laid on my bed thinking how perfectly did the Monsoon knew to ruin my day.

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