Deserted Sea – 18th April ’09

Okaay. So I don’t really know why I wrote this one. I know some might think it’s stupid. It’s about a desert who proposes to a sea, but the sea has to depart, so they share dialogues between eachother. lol, nevermind, here it is anyways ^^

The sun had set in the barren land
And a cold mighty wind blew atlast,
But the desert stood, majestic and grand
With the sea, that was brimming and vast,

“Yesterday is history, whats gone is gone,
Waves rise and fall magnificently,
When the sun emerges, stats a new dawn
And the darkness crawls away silently,
My wish is that we never part
And remain under the solitary horizon, merrily,
It’s yours forever, my heart”
Uttered the desert romantically,

“Oh! What has thy seen in me
That urged thou to talk about me so gracefully,
Tell, What can I do for thee”
Articulated the sea atlast
“My value is none, let me be,
I’m just a basin, one that is vast,
It’s clearly what you see”

“Don’t have upon yourself, cast
A curse, and live life in pain,
I hath seen, that no one has,
Alive, deceased or slain
In the world’s mass,
So I praise thy glamour,
Let us rest under one sky
And let me ask you a favour”

“I thank thee, to praise me in such beauty
But, I fear I may have to soon leave,
As a sea, travelling, its my duty
Sticks and stones, in my currents, I heave”

The Sea, left, with its waves crushing
And The Desert, was left gloomy,
Slowly, the sea disappeared, past the shores brushing
The Desert thought, how things change chronologically,
Nevertheless, the sun blazed, and stood upright
And winds had stopped and ceased,
The heat scorched the surface with might
But, slowly, the temperature decreased
The land got a blanket of snow,
And as the time passed by,
The land transformed, gracefully but slow
Until it was named, The Antarctica

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