The Tsunami

Okay, I wrote this while giving my admission exam for Karachi Grammar School’s English paper on 13th of March 2010. There were other questions too, but this one was just awesome :P

Q. Write a 150 word passage on “A massive wall of water pushed forward… The Tsunami!”

A massive wall of water pushed forward, hacking down the masses. It dragged the population back like a miniature Black Hole on Earth. A storm was brewing in the Satin Black velvety skies. Nature surely didn’t intend to leave any survivors. People ran, trying to flee as the waves devoured their kinsmen, tearing their houses apart. ‘Funny how they run away, like they believe they’re going to live’, thought Alan Presscot. It was all like a movie scene, except the casualties were real. The dead will not pop out behind the scenes, grinning, nor a director to yell ‘Cut’ when it was all over. Alan was content. No worries, no regrets, nothing left undone. He smirked. Taking a step forward, ready to be buried alive by this wall of water, ready to face the Tsunami.

  1. lol nice… reminds me of somethings…

    • Staying hard against your fears o.O? That’s the simplest thing one can interpret it into :P

  2. no something i read long ago :P

  3. Bah, came on blog after a long while, Oh I see =P

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