Peace Of My Mind & Slayer – 9th April ’09

After I started off with my poems, there was the poetry competition (as mentioned in “Thy Grace”). I decided to try for it. The theme was peace, and I submitted the following two poems and another third one. When the results came, from top 10 winners, I took 3 places with each poem =P The first one is ‘Peace Of My Mind’, and the next one being ‘Slayer’

Dawn arrives, flourishing my lawn,
Fluttering her eyes, awakes a swan,
Cup of coffee, a fresh start,
Briefcase ready, off they part,
Talk a walk in the garden,
And ask for thy pardon
A place thats so caress,
Quiet enough for your heart to confess,
Think about it, take a chance,
Spend a peaceful holiday in France,
Try to live in harmony and peace,
Lets not go ahead and burn trees

And now for the second one.

We lived in harmony and gentleness, where men
befriended men and women with women,
Ay! How peaceful was our life
Where for bad, never came in use a knife,
But when they came, and their machinery
You should realize, they killed every,
And not even spare a child,
We still live on ignoring, moving, knowing
That this is all humans doing,
Curse these animals beneath a humans mask,
Do thou slayers have no room for a heart?

  1. o.O dessert and the sea o.o strange yet kinda catcy

  2. oh shit wrong post x.x meant to post it in the other one x.x

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